Just go to: appleid.apple.com/account/verify/email and click “Send verification emails” I had to go into the Appleid management area, change my email address in a new “Apple ID email address not communication email address” and check to be able to access the developer portal after 6 days problems of the same problem for us! Try to solve the problem by calling Apple from dayS, but no solution since… Hello, Apple??? Apple offers two main options for registering as an Apple developer. If you already have an iTunes or iCloud account or have ever used the Apple Online Store, you can use your existing Apple ID for your development activities. However, for me, I chose to choose the second option and create a brand new Apple ID. My idea was that I could separate my development activities from an application from my personal account using a separate Apple ID, and that`s the assumption I`ll make if I do the rest of the process later in this post. I`m sending a beta today for one of our clients at Mukutu Game Studio, and I had to create all the accounts, certificates and all the things you probably already know. The standard procedure – here – is to select “Next” on Apple`s confirmation page. As soon as you do, you`ll be connected to the Apple Member Center, the central center where you manage your Apple Developer account, and you`ll have access to all the benefits. For now, you feel free to explore this area on your own, we will visit it again in later articles.

As another tip, if you want to return to the affiliate center, encourage your browser and visit developer.apple.com/membercenter and connect with your new Apple ID. In developer forums, other users have suggested ringing Apple – developer.apple.com/contact/phone.php After maybe an hour trying to access my new Member Center account, I decided to try other things… The first thing (and thank God it was the first) was trying to reset the password of the new Apple ID to appleid.apple.com, but instead of resetting, I decided to click “Manage your Apple ID” and found three fields “Current password” “new password” and “Confirm a new password” (or something like that). In my case, the solution was that my email account was not verified. I had logged into the developer program with an email other than the one stored on my Apple ID. Thank you so much for posting this. I have been fighting this for a long time, and I want to mention that.