I get asked all the time “What is the best way to get free traffic to my website?” Having a blog is hands down the answer to this question. Unless you have some fancy trick up your sleeve like knowing a celebrity and getting them to share your content on social media, chances are you will have to pay for your traffic, unless you utilize the blog.

A blog is nothing more than your self-published content. Most of the time it is in the form of text, but it doesn’t have to be. For this example, I will be referring to written content. If done correctly a blog can be the source of an incredible amount of traffic. Actually, a well-structured blog can be the only source of traffic you will need to make millions!

How Do I Start A Blog?

The fastest and best way to start a blog is to simply buy a domain with hosting and install WordPress. Most hosting providers offer a one click install of WordPress for free. I wouldn’t recommend any other platform or one click installer except WordPress. If you knew the domain you wanted and went to do this right now, you would be up and running in under an hour with a live website. That is pretty damn convenient.

WordPress out of the box is beautiful. The real power of its platform is the support that comes with it. There are so many developers out there making plugins and themes for WordPress that you can make it do just about anything you want without ever writing one line of code. Some examples

  • Buddypress – turns WordPress into a social platform similar to Facebook with forum features.
  • WooCommerce – enables you to have a full e-commerce store right on your WordPress blog. You can sell products, accept credit cards, utilize a powerful shopping cart, and keep everything organized right from your backend WordPress admin panel.
  • Yoast SEO – a free plugin that will do most of your search engine optimization for you. Making sure you have a fair chance to rank in Google without even knowing what SEO is.
  • Wordfence Security – protect your blog from hackers and viruses.
  • AddToAny – installs social media sharing buttons anywhere you want.

These are just a few examples of plugins I recommend for WordPress. These plugins are all free, and a few of them have a paid version with extra features. I don’t think any of their paid versions are over $60. With plugins, you just click the plugins menu in your WordPress admin backend and click add new. It is very easy and fast to install a plugin.

If you installed WordPress and a few great plugins, the only thing left is to install a theme. WordPress has millions of themes that are available for free right from your WordPress dashboard. They have a nice search feature and a one click install.  There are paid versions of most themes that give you a few extra features, but you can always purchase them later when you start making the money.

How Do I Get Traffic To My Blog?

Once you get everything setup, then it will be time to start focusing on getting traffic. There is a lot that goes with this, but the work can be broken down into three jobs.

  1.  Research – you will need to research everything you are going to write about. You will also need to do keyword research so that you will know what keywords you will be able to rank in search for.
  2. Content Writer – here you will take your research and turn it into some awesome content. You will be rewarded for producing high-quality content.
  3. Promotion – this is where you will need to do outreach to the community to get others to link back to your blog, and that will boost your trust with Google search.

When you take the three steps outlined, and you do this for every piece of content you make the traffic will start going up fast. This is not a make money overnight strategy. I tell people who ask me “How long will this take?” that if they are counting on making money in the first year, then they need to reevaluate their business plan. I can start a new site and make money almost instantly. I have somewhere around 165 domains as of writing this article. However, I also have 15 years of experience with this, and it took me years to make my first dollar as well.

If you have money to spend, you can pay for traffic. Some great places to buy traffic are:

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Promoted Posts
  • Bing Ads
  • Buy Sell Ads
  • Reddit

The list can go on forever. Most major platforms out there have some way for you to buy traffic from them and send it to your website. Buying traffic is effective if you know exactly how much each visitor to your site is worth. It won’t do you any good to spend $1,000 sending traffic to your website before you even have a product to sell or the ability for them to subscribe to your email list.

This article a very simple intro guide just to give you a basic idea of how easy it is to get website traffic. I strongly recommend before you start working on your blog that you have your entire millionaire strategy in place first. You need to know things like how to do proper keyword research, how to write content that converts, and what method for monetization you will implement before you even buy the domain name. I will cover all of this in detail in a later post. Subscribe to keep updated.