UC Santa Cruz reviews, inspects, guarantees, nor does it guarantee the status of a rent, nor does it recommend or assess the suitability of a potential landlord. Rent advertising information was obtained from sources considered reliable. UC Santa Cruz has not verified it and assumes no guarantees, guarantees or guarantees. You and your advisors must conduct a thorough and independent review of the property in order to determine, to your satisfaction, the suitability of the rental property to your needs. UC Santa Cruz is not responsible for or responsible for the consequences of an off-campus apartment and does not support or sponsor any of the agencies, services, advertisements, real estate or landlords included on the site. Students are not required to use this service or rent by companies or people on the list. UC Santa Cruz assumes no responsibility for contracts/leases between individuals. Owners continue to register and manage their online rental offers via our website, not via the mobile app. The owner may limit the number of occupants. The tenant agrees not to sublet the property or to have long-term clients. All tenants are jointly liable under the California Civil Code, paragraph 1659, which means that if the rent is not paid or if the property is damaged, the landlord can claim damages from any tenant up to the full amount, regardless of the agreements the tenants have between them.

You are often expected to pay one month`s rent – a monthly rental deposit when you sign a new rental agreement. Santa Cruz County does not require a lease to be certified, notarized, submitted or registered. It is valid during the execution. The landlord and tenant must keep a copy of the rental agreement in a safe place. The lessor agrees to provide insurance coverage only for the structure. The owner may agree to make certain repairs or improvements to the property. The tenant receives information on the sex offender registry. The tenant receives information about lead paint.

Profiles of students looking for a place to live. The owner is committed to providing an acoustic structure with sanitary, water, heating, lighting, waste disposal and smoke detectors. The tenant agrees to maintain the property and respect the quiet schedules. The landlord can ask the tenant for other tasks. The owner can only enter the premises in case of an emergency without notice or make repairs. The tenant has the right to demand reasonable repairs of the property without retaliation, and may withhold the rent if they are not supplemented by the California Civil Code, Section 1942. Each year, procurement and procurement teams at the University of California help administrators, teachers and students purchase billions of goods and services to support our teaching, research and public service missions. There are many ways to find an apartment! However, you should always avoid fraud! Do not pay, cable funds, accept money or give your personal and financial information to people you have not met personally. Owners and tenants agree on animals or vehicles authorized on the ground and where vehicles should be parked.

The landlord and tenant can enter into other special agreements. Under no circumstances can the less than seven days be terminated under the California Civil Code, Section 1946. The tenant agrees to pay a deposit of no more than two months` rent for an unfurnished apartment or three months` rent for a furnished apartment. The owner must return or record the deposit in accordance with the California Civil Code, Section 1950.5. Santa Cruz County requires interest to be paid on bail. If the owner accepts pets, the owner can request an additional security deposit as long as it does not exceed the maximum deposit indicated. Products and services for all your needs during school or university! We have expanded our list of partner schools to more than 180 campuses and added the following universities to our