The Millionaire Mastery is a free course developed by Daniel Branch. It has key features from other important successful people without all of the unnecessary filler garbage. By the end of this course, you will have the mindset and internet marketing skills to start your first internet business with almost 0 investment and take it to the millionaire level, all in your own time and all you will need is a computer and the internet. This course will be fine tuned and sold in the future. You are one of the pioneers and will be able to watch it develop from the beginning and evolve over time. Subscribe to the website to be notified immediately as this parts become available. If you have any questions contact me.

Here is an outline of the course in order


  1. What is The Millionaire Mastery? (Release by 8/31/2016)
  2. How Can I Go From 0 To Millionaire with it?
  3. How To Correctly Use and Apply What You Have Learned
  4. The Benefits Of Owning An Internet Based Business

The Millionaire Mastery Mindset

  1. Identifying and Correcting Limiting Beliefs (Release by 8/31/2016)
  2. How To Listen to Your Emotional State and Subconscience Mind (Release by 9/10/2016)
  3. Lining Up Your Goals With Your Beliefs
  4. Listening To Your Intuition
  5. Finding Your Motivation and How To Let It Fuel You

Internet Business Basics

  1. The Anatomy Of An Internet Business (Release by 9/30/2016)
  2. How To Compete On The Web
  3. Getting the Idea Right The First Time
  4. How To Choose A Great Domain Name
  5. Why You Need WordPress For 99% Of Websites
  6. Coming Soon

Starting The Website

  1.  Install and Optimize WordPress In Under One Hour
  2. How To Target Low Competition Keywords For Easy Rankings
  3. Coming Soon