Install and Optimize WordPress In Under One Hour

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Wordpress is a powerful blogging platform. Google love its, users love it, developers love it, and the readers love it. If you plan on blogging or utilizing a blog to make money, Wordpress is the way to go. If you are new, then don't let terminology like server and Wordpress installation scare you. I am [...]

How To Target Low Competition Keywords For Easy Ranking

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There is an easy way and a hard way to rank in search. Unless you are a major authority site, you will probably have a hard time ranking on the first page for keywords that have over 10,000 exact match searches. If nobody has ever told you this then, you need to pay extra attention [...]

Using A Blog For Free Traffic

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I get asked all the time "What is the best way to get free traffic to my website?" Having a blog is hands down the answer to this question. Unless you have some fancy trick up your sleeve like knowing a celebrity and getting them to share your content on social media, chances are you [...]

Why You Should Be Building An Internet Based Business

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We previously discussed trading your time for money and why that is not a good idea. If you haven't read that one I encourage you to read that post first. There are several really good reasons why you should consider the internet as your route for starting a business and becoming a millionaire. The cost to get started [...]

Quit Trading Your Time For Money

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At some point, you have to do things in life that you may not want to do. That is just part of the game. I know that there was a point that I worked 6 days each week and counted the days until I had my one day off. The problem with this is that [...]